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There are more buyers than sellers for homes offering owner financing. Filling out the buyer form completely will allow us to serve you.  We cannot give out information on homes without your information first.  Please note that successful candidates will need at least $10,000 in available funds to purchase an owner financed home. 864-909-6991


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    Search ALL the Homes in the Spartanburg SC MLS offering Lease Purchase Option and/or Owner Financing. Once you find a property you are interested in. Call us at 864-909-6991 for down payment and monthly payment information.

    Order a Copy of Your Credit Report

    Home sellers want to know why you cannot get financing for a house today AND when you will be able to get financing.  You can’t fix what you dont know.  Order a copy of your credit report here to take back control of your financial future.

    Guaranteed Credit Repair

    If you only have a few problem items on your credit report, we recommend  Credit Fix Guy.  If your credit needs a LOT of work, say more than 5 problems, consider using Credit Saint.  There is not a wrong choice and either will get the job done.  Most owner finance agreements work as a bridge to get you to permanent financing with a traditional lender.   By taking action and signing up for credit repair today your credit will be one day closer to achieving low bank financing rates tomorrow.  Enrolling in a credit repair program communicates to a seller that you are serious about your future and owning their property.  Go to sleep in your new home KNOWING that your credit will improve making your home yours not only for today but for tomorrow.

    Sell Your Home Fast

    • We pay cash for your Home
    • We pay closing costs
    • We buy homes : any condition, any area , any price range, or situation
    • We buy homes in AS IS condition: that means NO repairs
    • NO Clean Up; take what you want and leave the rest
    • You pay NO commissions
    • No waiting for bank loan approvals
    • Close in as little as 7 to 10 days so you can move on with your life

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