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There are more buyers than sellers for homes offering owner financing. Filling out the buyer form completely will allow us to serve you.  We cannot give out information on homes without your information first.  Please note that successful candidates will need at least $10,000 in available funds to purchase an owner financed home.


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Available Homes

Search ALL the Homes in the Spartanburg SC MLS offering Lease Purchase Option and/or Owner Financing. Once you find a property you are interested in. Call us at 864-621-7900 for down payment and monthly payment information.

No-Commission Service

Private finance agreements need to be structured properly BEFORE the contract is signed to fully protect you. Go to sleep in your new home KNOWING that the home is YOURS today and will be tomorrow! We take the time to explain the entire process step by step. We do this with the seller paying our commision. Buyers only pay a $250 administration fee due at closing of their new home.

Our Clients

Owner finance home buyers come in all shapes, ages, and sizes. They are people just like you working through temporary financial problems ranging from credit issues to marital and health challenges. Buyer’s will need at least $10,000 for attorney fees and other closing costs to properly secure a home. Feel confident knowing that we have more likely than not helped many others with the same if not worse challenges you face today.

Office Location

Spartanburg office location and map. Come by the office with an Appointment Only! We are almost always out showing homes, placing signs, filling in paper work, signing agreements, meeting with attorneys, eating lunch, well, you get the idea! Call Rob at 864-621-7900 for a free private consultation.