Benefits of Selling Your Home with Owner Financing

Owner Financing: Benefits for Spartanburg Home Sellers


Higher Sales Price – When a seller offers owner financing, the seller may be in a position to command full asking price or more.

Avoid Appraisal Concerns – In today’s market it is not uncommon for homes to appraise for less than what the sellers owe on them. Sellers who offer owner financing do not face the need for the home to appraise for the full sales price as it does with traditional financing.

Tax Breaks – The seller might pay less in taxes on an installment sale, reporting only the income received in each calendar year or potentially putting off any taxes until the home is paid in full.

Monthly Income – Payments from a buyer may increase the seller’s monthly cash flow, which gives the seller more spendable income each month.

Higher Return – Owner financing rates of interest are typically higher than what a seller may earn in a money market account or other low-risk type of investment.

Shorter Listing Term – Owner financing will often attract a different set of buyers willing to overlook issues that traditional buyers may be concerned by. If a property is not selling under conventional methods, offering owner financing may help a home stand out from the crowd in any market. Owner financing is the one of the best ways to move less appealing properties that might otherwise go unsold.


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